Officer Involved Shootings Spike in 2018

Utah’s Channel 4 news posted a story called on April 19, 2018:

It’s April, and there have already been more officer-involved shootings than in all of 2017

It’s alarming but true. Police have shot more people in the first four months of this year (seven),  than in all of 2017 (six). With memories of 2014’s statistics of police killing more people in Utah than gangs, the streets can be a dangerous place for citizens.

One of the focus areas of Ferbrache Law, is representing you if you find yourself the target of police violence. Bodycam footage showed the 2017 shooting of Patrick Harmon, a black man shot in the back while running away. After a seven week investigation by the Salt Lake County DA’s office, this shooting was ruled “justified.”

Ferbrache Law can effectively represent you in an Officer Involved Incident case. Holding Law Enforcement accountable is essential for the safety and protection of our communities.