Extreme Stalker Terrorizes Utah Family

               “This is something that no family, no person or neighborhood should have to endure, this type of abuse for seven straight months,” 

Mr. Gilmore told the Associated Press in March 2019.

               The US Attorney for Utah dubbed Loren Okamura, 44 an “Extreme Stalker” in his arrest announcement on November 26, 2019. Prosecutors filed a motion in the U.S. District Court of Hawaii. The case was so egregious law enforcement officials flew from Utah to Hawaii, taking the time to track down the unemployed and apparently homeless Okamura for arrest. He is charged with multiple felonies including cyber stalking.

An endless procession of prostitutes, felons, people seeking drugs, lost pet owners, plumbers, lock smiths, tow truck drivers, two teenagers drove from Idaho with $100 of fishing equipment for sale only to find it was a hoax by Mr. Okamura. A man with a serious medical illness arrived at the Gilbert home with the promise of a ride to Portland, Oregon for treatment. The disappointment, frustration, emotional devastation and danger extended to neighbors. Who kept a watchful eye out for the family. Summoning the North Salt Lake City police to the home over 80 times.

               Spoofing or masking a phone number or internet protocol address (IP) ensured that texts, calls and inquiries for services were coming from the Gilbert home. With no job and technical saavy Okamura dedicated his full efforts to targeting the Gilmore’s adult daughter. Sending an “egregious amount” of abusive texts to her phone, according to court filings. He sent people to observe the family. Sending messages relaying their actions to them to terrorize them.

Prosecutors are taking this case very seriously. John Huber, the US Attorney for Utah sums the case up: “It’s really extreme stalking that deserves to come to court and receive the justice that is awaiting…. We’re not going to let this stand.”  

Thanks to the efforts of law enforcement in Utah, Hawaii and the Civil Stalking Injunction filed by Ferbrache, the Gilmore’s can finally see Okamura held to account for months of abuse.